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our loan charges

Low fees for new payday loans from one of the largest networks of direct lenders in the USA, UK, Canada.

Welcome to is dedicated to providing high quality financial services with the emphasis on short- and long-term loans, such as personal loans and payday advances. brings you a large platform of direct lenders available 24/7 to meet your financial needs. You can apply online for a loan up to $1500.

Direct lenders we’re working with specialize in all types of loans for people with either good or bad credit score.

Most lenders don’t bother verifying your credit via traditional Telecheck system but they run their own credit check based on your past performance with online lenders. That means that if you have a bad credit record with conventional lenders, you have a still good record with online lenders.

Easy online loans can be obtained within a few minutes of your application. When you have completed an application form, it is instantly processed by a large number of lenders, all of whom start to compete for your business. The successful lender (the one that has offered the best terms and conditions with lowest fees and interest rate) wins you as a customer. gives you an instant access to such financial services as payday loans, personal loans, car loans, home improvement loans and debt consolidation loans.

Depending on the type of loan you’re applying for, the whole application process can be as short as a few minutes up to 24 hours.

Your application consits of two pages that require a few basic personal  information. Failure to provide some of the information may be the cause for denial of your application. In the form you are asked to provide banking information. Please provide only your bank account number (no PIN!). That is important, because the lender will make a money deposit into that account.

You are  under no obligation to accept the terms and conditions offered by a lender. You can cancel your application at any time in the process.

Services provided by are free of charge –  absolutely no fees or charges.

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